All our knives are made on a custom ordered basis, please use our contact form to get more information on ordering your knife today.

Quote from customer posted on BEKnives Facebook page:

"Gave my Brother (an avid hunter) one of Brian's knives. Ray thinks it is the best knife he ever has used!"

Quote from customer on USN:

"This one got great reviews from the friend that I gifted it to earlier in the year. He said he skinned a large whitetail (finally), and it did everything well including the processing into edible sized pieces. He did use a saw for splitting the bones and joints. After all the work, it was still shaving sharp."

Quote from customer posted on BEKnives Facebook page:

"Brian, I bought a nice little knife from you about a year ago. Well, today I was out in the garage cutting up some boxes and as I was putting it back into the sheath, it slipped from my hand and landed point first on the concrete. Now I have a real nice chip - in the garage floor. No damage at all on the knife. It's holding up great."

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